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Sumo Day LIVE is a several day event where some of the brightest up and coming minds in SaaS, Media, Podcasting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Enthusiasts and LTDer's come together

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Learn How Founders & SaaS Creators Are Changing The Way Businesses Grow And How You Can Do It Too.

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Podcasters Are A Huge Point In Our Mission - Learn From Some Of The Industries Best

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SumoDay Live Agenda 2024
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Out Of This World Guest List

Be apart of this incredible lineup of content creators, marketers, entrepreneurs, software founders and podcasters as they share how they are growing their businesses with AppSumo, plus get tried and tested strategies on how to do what they are doing. Applications close June 5th. 

  • Chris Cownden

    Official Host of SumoDay Live!
    Official AppSumo Ambassador, Founder of Podcast Launch Agency

  • Gabe Fletcher
    Gabe Fletcher

    Co-Host of SumoDay Live 2024 ! Founder of EditMyPodcast.Agency & Creator of Agency Vision™ AI

  • Phil Better
    Phil Better

    Co-Host of Sumo Day Live 2023, Co-Founder of Podcast Launch Agency 

  • Nick Christensen

    Head of Marketing at AppSumo, 3X'd customer base through building 8 figure affiliate/influencer program and $20M+ on ads.

  • John Rush

    Founder of Holdco with over 20 products for busy founders including Unicorn Platform, Indexrusher & CountVisit s.  

  • Austin Armstrong
    Austin Armstrong

    CEO of Syllaby & SocialtyPro Short-Form Video Marketing Expert

  • Blaine Bolus
    Blaine Bolus

    Co-Founder at Castmagic & Host of DTC Pod, Prev Co-Founded Seated 

  • Harold Dijkstra
    Harold Dijkstra

    Core Team at 100DaysOfNoCode , Helping career switchers and aspiring founders bring their idea to life in 25 days. 

  • Max Haining
    Max Haining

    Founder of 100DaysOfNoCode 

  • Adryenn Ashley
    Adryenn Ashley

    Venture Capitalist, Slay Ventures. I invest in women and mentor startups 

  • Rob Balasbas

    Head of Creators Partnerships & Community at Uscreen 💙 Over 1 Million Views on YouTube | Helping Creators build Recurring Revenue.

  • Mohamed Ghaith
    Mohamed Ghaith

    Founder of Stunning, Tech Entrepreneur & Crypto Trader. 450K+ followers on Social Media

  • Rob Winters
    Rob Winters

    Founder and CEO behind PodOps Hosting 

  • Richard Lowenthal of GoBrunch
    Richard Lowenthal

    CEO of GoBrunch 

  • Matt Hughes
    Matt Hughes

    TubeFest - The UK's #1 Video Marketing Conference, Ex-Community Lead at Restream 

  • Alex Sanfiliippo
    Alex Sanfiliippo

    CEO and Co-Founder of PodMatch, Podcast Host of Podcasting Made Simple 

  • Rafa Romero
    Rafa Romero

    Digital Marketing Expert & NoCode Lover with passion for building digital products.

  • Tonya Gossage
    Tonya Gossage

    High Performance Consultant, Business Strategist & Host of Influence And Growth Mastery 

  • S.A. Grant
    Shannol (S.A.) Grant

    Official AppSumo Ambassador, Business Growth Strategy Expert & Founder of Boss Uncaged 

  • Tanya Smith, Get Noticed with Video
    Tanya Smith
  • Dorien Morin (Van Dam)

    Leading Expert in Organic Social Media Marketing, Certified Social Media Manager and Founder of Morein Media 

  • Chase Barmore
    Chase Barmore

    Co Host of The Sales Players & Strategic Account Executive at HYROS 

  • Scott Meyer

    Co-Founder of Chipp , Entrepreneur, Educator, Writer, Dad, Husband & runner based in Fargo, ND.

  • Serj Hunt

    Head of Product at Chipp 

  • Stewart Vickers aka SEO Jesus
    Stewart Vickers aka SEO Jesus

    SEO Jesus, Speaker , Bestselling Author

  • Sander Belaen of Socialjuice
    Sander Belaen

    Founder of Socialjuice – 2x Financial Times TNW T500 2024

  • Junaid Ahmed
    Junaid Ahmed

    Founder of Humblezone and Creator of Home Studio Mastery 

  • Katt Risen
    Katt Risen
  • Sandra Idjoski
    Sandra Idjoski

    Co-founder at Collabwriting I Making online research and collaboration around it simple

  • Greg Wasserman
    Owner & CEO

    Head of Relationships at Castmagic 

  • Nathan Resnick
    Nathan Resnick

    Founder now Board Member @ Sourcify | YC W18 

  • Filipe Santos

    Executive SEO Expert & Host of PhraSEOlogy + AI 

  • Shaun Bennett
    Shaun Bennett

    Social Entrepreneur & Podcast Producer at Media Forse & Rockingham Media 

  • Wize Otero, Stuck In Your Mind Podcast
    Wil (Wize) Otero

    Podcast Producer of Stuck In Your Mind Podcast 

  • Ericka Bates of The Virtual Summiteers Peer Group
    Ericka Bates

    The Virtual Summiteers Peer Group , Content Creator specializing in Virtual Events

  • Dante Healy
    Dante Healy

    Finance Transformation Expert, Host of Business Breaks (Chris' first consulting client)

  • Jason August
    Jason August

    Founder of Gourmet Real Estate 

  • Kenneth Lo

    Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voice & Founder of ZenBiz Services. 

  • Roy Garcia
    Roy Garcia

    Video Marketing Wizard, Content Creator at 

  • Robbie Forsyth
    Robbie Forsyth

    Director at Youth Football Scotland & YFS Media 

  • Luca Bersella
    Luca Bersella

    Solutions Consultant at Aurum Solutions & No Code Builder 

  • Gresham “Gresh” W. Harkless Jr.
    Gresham “Gresh” W. Harkless Jr.

    Founder of Blue16 Media and CBNation

  • Lisa Khera

     Owner of In Balance Pilates , Best-Selling Author of Women Who Inspire, Pilates, PiYo, and Barre instructor in Ottawa, Canada.

  • Osman Okumus

    Founder of Breaking Mental Limits 

  • Laura Carr Cole

    Creative Investor with a knack for t urning good ideas into successful ventures.

  • Scott Wyden Kivowitz
    Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Photographer, Podcaster and Community Manager at Imagen

  • Maxwell Ivey Jr

    Leading Digital Accessibility Expert & known Internatioally as The Blind Blogger 

  • Aaron Alpeter
    Aaron Alpeter

    Principal and Founder, izba Lov er of Supply Chain & Startups (Start, Scale, Exit)

  • Virginia Chu Kierans
    Virginia Chu Kierans

    Digital Marketing Copywriter & Sales and Marketing Strategist, Head Storyteller at Up Coast 

  • Aicila Lewis

    Owner of BiCurean, Business Cartographer, Podcast Producer & Host

  • Tera Lisicky
    Tera Lisicky

    Visionary Educator, Podcast Producer of Bringin'​ it Backwards, Designated Agent & R ealtor

  • Jesse Woodbury
    Jesse Woodbury

    Enterprise Sales at Gladly | Founder of Sales Players , ex-Meta

  • Eli Dervon
    Eli Dervon
    Owner & CEO

    AI Automation Specialist at Dervonte Digital 

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Guest Interviews For Sumo Day Live!

Event In Memory Of

On Tuesday June 11th 2024, Chris Cownden will be attending his grandad's funeral, hence the reason there are no livestreams on the Tuesday.